Welcome Week EP

by Allegra Rosenberg

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Tatum Malcolm
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Tatum Malcolm It's just great! The music is really pretty and makes me so happy and calm to listen to it! Favorite track: Song For Me.
Dalton Brown
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Dalton Brown This album is just brilliant. Fun, upbeat music that has a familiar and welcoming voice. Honestly, the album is so fantastic that I'm speechless. Just. Buy. It. Favorite track: Song For Me.
merced thumbnail
merced its hard for me 2 write this review bc i cant read but i guess these songs are pretty good. one might even say that theyre REALLY good. idk. nice colored sounds Favorite track: Orpheus & Eurydice.
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I wrote these songs during the first semester of my freshman year of college and recorded them in one night over winter break. They're about feelings and outer space and stuff, and I think they're pretty good.

If you download the whole thing, you get a bonus track of my cover of Tally Hall's "The Whole World And You" that I recorded in my dorm room!


released February 18, 2015

All songs by Allegra Rosenberg
Bonus track originally by Tally Hall

Recorded by Jim Reeves at Reeves Audio Recording in Evanston, IL

Mixed by Jim Tullio at Butcher Boy in Evanston, IL

Guitar/vocals: Allegra Rosenberg
Bass: Richard Bunn
Drums: Morris Jennings

Art Direction & Design by Allegra Rosenberg

All thanks to Stuart Rosenberg (AKA Sim Salabim) (AKA my dad)
& the internet (especially you, meme team)





Allegra Rosenberg Los Angeles, California

Hi. I'm Allegra. Sometimes I write songs, but mostly I just stare at my computer screen.

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Track Name: Orpheus & Eurydice
Holding on to a single thread of starlight
And it’s slipping through my hands
And without oxygen I’ve got a little over fifteen minutes left to
Sit back, wave hi, and sigh
And say all my goodbyes
Gaze into the night and sigh
And let go as the darkness catches me
Oh I’m alive but not for long

I bet you think
That it’s all your fault even though you didn’t do a thing
But this is how things go
When you’re living in deep space
You can’t trust the stars in this sector
They keep their secrets close
And I am a victim, a martyr
Of making sure things go well
But they won’t I know
Cause I’m stuck out here
The coiled snake of tubing tripped me out of the airlock
And I went flying away
Away away away

Don’t come after me
I won’t make it halfway
It will set you free if you never look back
And out here in the void
I can hear the call of the ones beyond the ring
Around the black hole
So save yourself
I’d like to stay
I’d like to stay

I can see you through the porthole on the side of the ship
And you are singing
As you’re gearing up to reach into the dark and save me
From the outerworld remnants and high tides
I shimmer in the night
But you cannot hear me as I scream
For you to go back inside
Cause the radiation’s coming I can see it
And we’ll both get caught in the storm
In the storm


But if you stay we’ll see the glow
And feel the pull of the black hole
And you can hold my hand through my glove
And we’ll see the light
And it’s all so bright
Track Name: Song For Me
You should write a song for me
when you go back home

Make it up a melody
That you’ll remember
Once I’ve come and gone

If you put it down in words
And verses all in line
I promise you’d feel better
Losing every hour of lost time

Cause when you told your secrets to me
I promised I would not set them free
And I would never steal that heart
That beats inside the willow tree
We buried our hope underneath
And swore to give our future a new start

But I won’t let you go
No I won’t let you go

Someone told me I would fit right in in the big city
Something about the way I looked under the streetlights

Trying to figure out how it’s so hard to tell who made it up
Working out an influence of these diagonal lines
In the mind’s eye

When you were mine
You said it’d be all right
And I wouldn’t mind
Cause it will be fine


Oh but we said we’d never be apart
When the landscaped moved between us and the universe believed us
That we couldn’t make it this far
With the stars causing problems and no one around us

I won’t let you go
I won’t let you go
I won’t let you know
That I told you so

Cause when you told your secrets to me
I promised I would not set them free
And I would never steal that heart
Oh but we said we’d never be apart
Track Name: Better Idea
Have we made it through the dark yet
Have we let ourselves go
Has the light begun to brighten
Or is it still just a glow
Is it still just a glow

Do the songs stir in your memory
Or do the voices sound strange
Could we make this into something
New could we rearrange

The pieces of our hearts
Left on the side of the road
The pieces of our hearts
We’ll never know
We’ll never know

Cause I got a plan to keep us on track
To keep us from spinning away away from the past
But if you’ve got a better idea
I’ll take it
I don’t know how I’ll see this through
But I know I’m better off with you
And if you’ve got a better idea
Please say it
Please say it

I’ll keep your whispers by the window
I’ll keep your smile on ice
I hope my dreams can keep out the cold
During these winter nights
During these winter nights

I’ll tell my tales a little too tight
Making sure that the words can’t come out right
Cause the truth is a furious fire
That I can’t let be free


This is a lesson learned
Things that shatter don’t return
Even if you pick up every shard
It’s all you can do
To make up something new
A fleeting fragment of what’s forever gone

Cause I got a plan to keep us on track
To keep us from spinning away from the past

And I’ve got a secret
I’ve got a cause
I’ve got magic buried deep in my broken heart
And if you want to hear it
Please just don’t come near it
I think that I
Can see this through
Either way with our without you
But if you’ve got a better idea
Please say it
Please say it
Track Name: On The Lookout
I suppose if I ran you down
You’d stay quiet
I suppose if I said hi
You’d say hi back

Would we let our thoughts collide
Would we make eye contact
I suppose I’d better stay
To the side then

And you could never know
That I can’t stop thinking about you
Can’t go on without you
And you could never know
How much I adore you and that’s why I can never meet you
Not today

I’d like to think that you’re like me
Kind and awkward
But the way you are on my screen
I know is not you not really

And if we could erase
the memories that we make
I would erase you
So I could fail to recognize you
When you pass me by


You will never know
You will never know
You will never know

I suppose if I caught your eye
I’d look away